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When I was assigned to Mark Bayly to be may trainer, I immediately experienced an exponential shift in my training experience. Mark encouraged me in very subtle ways to try a slightly heavier weight or attempt just tone more rotation. He varied the workouts from week to week so that training was never repetitive or boring. When I arrived at the studio highly energized, he created workouts that pushed me to accomplish things that I never thought I could accomplish. However when I arrived tired, emotionally burdened, or recovering from a cold or flue, he was extremely sensitive and customized the workout to fit my emotional and physical state.

Paula Gardener, Toronto, ON[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

I knew I couldn’t do it on my own,” admits Lawrence Spector, age 54, a busy executive who owns a chain of restaurants. “And I didn’t want to work out in front of a lot of people.” EXEC-U-FIT allows clients to work out one on one with a personal trainer in a semi-private gym, so anyone, whatever age, shape and size can feel comfortable.

“I like the concept,” Lawrence said. “The structure of the set appointments keeps me motivated. And I’ve noticed changes in how I feel. I’ve lost weight and inches, and I don’t get back pain anymore.

Lawrence, Oakville, ON