Why Mark?

Not all personal trainers are created equal. In fact, many who hold the title lack the knowledge, life experiences and training to properly guide you through your journey of personal fulfillment, to push you when you need it and to sympathize and support you when times are tough. That’s why Mark stands out from the crowd.

Mark is an experienced, mature and bright personal training coach who brings a wide variety of skills and knowledge to his clients. These include:

  • Certified personal training specialist
  • Exercise nutrition coach
  • Former medical technician with the Canadian Forces Army Reserves
  • Studied Kung Fu, Gojujitsu Ryu and Judo
  • Former high performance track and field athlete

Mark offers his clients a unique approach to health and wellness, one which is encouraging and supportive, goal-oriented and nurturing. His philosophy is focused on having fun and enjoying fitness training while being stretched to maximize results.